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Kiire Teddy – Emergency Care Practitioner

“I love being an ECP because I am able to handle all emergencies by identifying and stabilizing life threatening conditions, and consult where necessary.
This makes me love what I do – saving lives.” 

​Teddy truly captures what it means to be an Emergency Care Practitioner (ECP) and the positive impact it has on the community and herself. The program developed by Global Emergency Care gives Teddy the confidence and ability to quickly identify and treat patients with life threatening conditions. Before her training to be an ECP, she would have to wait for orders on what to do in such time critical medical situations that could’ve led to grave outcomes. Teddy now feels equipped to assess a patient and provide the right treatment. These skills go a long way in developing a relationship with a community and giving people the reassurance that their lives do matter, especially in time sensitive emergencies. Teddy’s most memorable case involved a 9-year boy who was involved in a road traffic accident. He came in short of breath and in distress. Teddy suspected pneumothorax (collapsed lung) after examination of the child, and performed a needle decompression. This allowed the child to stabilize and recover quickly. With her fast thinking and expert skills, the boy was released four days later. Ultimately, ECP’s are able to save lives by effectively working under the pressures of emergency medical situations.

Teddy is proud of her work as an ECP. She emphasizes, “I have the knowledge, skills, and determination to take care of emergencies, not like most nurses who wait for orders on what to do. It’s also exciting because I know what to do, and a big thanks to the GECC board and all those who shared knowledge with us. I love being an ECP and I don’t regret taking the training”.

Watch the short video below where Teddy tells about her most memorable case – saving the life of a 9 year old boy.


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