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Opportunity for Emergency Physicians
We are pleased to announce an opportunity for an emergency physician to work with the SEED Global Health and Global Emergency Care in Uganda to support the establishment of physician residency and non-physician clinician education programs in emergency medicine.

Seed Physician Educators are placed as visiting faculty at academic institutions in Uganda to teach and work alongside local faculty for one year. In partnership, they strengthen the quality and breadth of medical education and enhance the quality of clinical practice by strengthening skills through clinical mentorship, training and professional development opportunities. As more educators build confidence and competence, they will create a “multiplier effect” that exponentially increases the supply of skilled health professionals who are locally-trained and locally-rooted. These health professionals not only provide quality care but teach their successors and other health workers as well as serve as agents of change for the health system within their country. Learn more>

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Emergency Physicians (Uganda)
Emergency physicians with strong teaching skills are needed to help our Emergency Care Practitioners train subsequent class of trainees. Your role within GEC, as an emergency medicine physician specialist, will be one of educator and mentor. GEC physicians assist ECPs in clinical care, but do not usually provide clinical care themselves, in order to support the mission of the organization– sustainable emergency care training. You will also be responsible for helping ECPs modify lectures, practice lectures, do oral cases, and improve their bedside teaching skills and differential diagnosis/ medical decision making/ resource appropriate workups. It is a very rewarding experience even without working as the first line provider, as the ED is extraordinarily busy with trauma, acute and chronic illnesses that we don’t deal with at home (either at all or in the severity that they are found there), and infectious disease. And, you are supporting a cause that will only grow and improve by your involvement, instead of just being a medical tourist.

A stipend will be provided for those able to work with us for 6 consecutive months or longer, otherwise these are volunteer positions. We do work with senior emergency medicine residents (PGY3 or PGY4) as long as we can arrange supervision by a fully trained emergency physician.
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Global Health Fellowship (Uganda)
Global Emergency Care is pleased to announce that we are now accepting applications for International Healthcare Leadership Fellows for the 2019-2020 academic year. During the six to twelve month Field Leadership Experience, fellows will be educators and mentors supporting the classroom and clinical training of non-physician clinicians in Emergency Medicine. In addition, fellows will work with GEC’s Ugandan staff and international volunteers at an Emergency Department-based training and research site in Uganda working to grow and strengthen the program. In addition, fellows will have the opportunity to work with GEC for a period of time in the United States working on a range of projects designed to prepare them for leadership positions in academic medicine and global health.

The Global Emergency Care will provide mentorship opportunities to co-author original research papers, assistance arranging academic credit, and coverage of travel and living expenses during the Field Leadership Experience in East Africa. Successful applicants should have prior experience working in low resource settings and a high level of commitment to global health, sustainable development, health systems strengthening, and capacity building. Previous NGO experience a plus.

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Please address your inquiries to or for more information.

Nurses & Physicians from Other Specialties (Uganda)
Nurses and physicians from other specialties are considered on an individual basis. Educational focus is strongly desired and individuals with a background in teaching and curriculum development will be given special consideration.
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Research Associate (Uganda)
GEC has several ongoing research projects, which require comprehensive data collection and analysis. Research Associate (RA) positions are available on a rolling basis, and GEC is almost always accepting applications for these positions. The RA is an invaluable part of the GEC team and works closely with GEC Board, the ED physicians, and the ECPs in the Emergency Department at Nyakibale. S/he also:

  • Collects clinical data on patients seen in the ED
  • Coordinates and contributes to ongoing GEC research projects
  • Ensures the quality of clinical data collection
  • Develops monitoring reports of clinical performance in ED
  • Pursues publishable research to evaluate the ECP training program and clinical outcomes of ED patients

Musts include: hard work ethic, interest in health care and international development, flexible dates of availability, basic research skills. Past RAs have included nurses, public health students, pre-med college graduates, masters level graduates. Minimum of one month availability, and priority will be given to those with longer duration of stay. Stipend will be provided to those working with us six months or longer.
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Program Coordinator (Uganda)
The Program Coordinator (PC) position is a paid in country job. The PC is the crux of the program, as s/he functions as the liaison between GEC’s Board of Directors and the ECPs, the hospital, and GEC’s Ugandan partners.

The Program Coordinator

  • Manages day-to-day operations of the ECP training program
  • Identifies and pursues opportunities to strengthen the ECP training program
  • Supports the continuing educational and professional development of graduated ECPs
  • Fosters future sustainability of program by transitioning leadership to Ugandan ECPs and other staff
  • Supports ongoing clinical data collection in the ED
  • Pursues publishable research to evaluate the ECP training program and clinical outcomes of ED patients
  • Liaisons with hospital administration, the Ministry of Health, regional universities, and potential collaborators as the ‘face’ of GEC

Musts include: hard work ethic, interest in education/ health care/ international development, basic research skills, ability to work flexibly with various personalities and those from other cultures, forward thinking, task oriented, organized, independent. Past PCs have been pre-med college graduates, education experts, nurses, medical students, and masters level graduates.
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Other Health Care Providers (Uganda)
GEC does work with physicians from other specialties, and occasionally nurses and physicians assistants. Each are considered on an individual basis, dependent on the project needs at the time of volunteer opportunity, and on the skill set of the volunteer. Emergency department experience is preferred, but not mandatory. Educational focus is strongly desired and individuals with a background in teaching and curriculum development will be given special consideration.
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Stateside expertise is needed in curriculum development, nonprofit management, medical anthropology, public health, finance, marketing and PR, grant-writing, fundraising, executive administration, volunteer coordination, and organizational development.

Young professionals interested in current health and social justice issues will have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience working at an innovative, global health, non-profit organization. Each intern works closely with a mentor to complete an individualized project. Projects are based on GEC’s programmatic needs, affording interns the opportunity to make significant and concrete contributions to the work. In addition to working on their own project, interns often find that their talents and skills allow them to contribute to the variety of other tasks being taken on by GEC.​GEC offers a wide variety of internship opportunities throughout the year. Opportunities include but are not limited to nonprofit management, public health, finance, marketing and PR, social media coordination, grant writing, fundraising, executive administration, and volunteer coordination.Although the internship is unpaid, GEC encourages applicants who are currently pursuing undergraduate or graduate degrees to contact their schools to check if the internship can either fulfill a course requirement or be funded through a scholarship program.
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Please address your inquiries to or for more information.
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