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Dr. Heather Hammerstedt – Co-founder, GEC

“When I hear a story about one of the ECPs saving a life or giving a terrific lecture to new Emergency Medicine learners, I’m just so proud of what GEC has created.” 

Dr. Heather Hammerstedt is a co-founder of GEC. She currently works for CEP in Idaho as the Assistant Medical Director and is president of the Idaho Chapter of American College of Emergency Physicians. Heather and her husband Pete are the proud parents to their two children, Silas (5) and Kasper (3), along with their dog Bodhi. Here, she reflects a bit on the past ten years of Global Emergency Care.

Heather had no idea what would evolve from the first day of the opening of the Emergency Department in Nyakibale. Ten years later, she couldn’t be more proud of the real life stories she hears from the Emergency Care Practitioners (ECP’s) in the field who are currently saving lives and teaching new ECPs all that they have learned from the program. Heather has learned that the most successful ideas come from within the communities you work. The communities within Uganda might have limited resources, but are resourceful and inspiring. She stresses, “the long-term effect of building an emergency care system in Uganda far outreaches the number of patients she can take care of personally.” This ECP program has ignited a passion and immense commitment with all persons involved, both in Uganda and in the United States.

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