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Meet Kansiime Glorious, Emergency Care Practitioner

“I’m proud of being an ECP because I feel confident in taking care of critical patients and knowing how to treat them first.”

Glorious has gained confidence in the last three and a half years of her work as an ECP. Being an ECP has changed her life, Glorious said, because she is now able to decisively care for critically ill patients and confidently perform procedures most other nurses don’t have the training to complete. The 25-year-old mother has pushed herself in this role to practice teamwork, improve her medical skills, and apply her knowledge to a variety of situations. She’s happy to see GEC’s positive effect on her community, and Glorious said that her busy, exciting job in Nyakibale has helped her, too.

Please consider a donation today. Your gift will directly train more ECPs, like Glorious, who save lives everyday!

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