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Meet ECP – Birungi Alfunsi

“What I love about being an ECP is that there’s continuous learning and gaining of skills and knowledge.”

​Alfunsi is 27 years old and has been an ECP for the last 7 years. Being an ECP has been truly inspiring to Alfunsi, as he enjoys working in a team and acquiring new skills. He loves that while being an ECP, he is constantly learning and adding to his skillset and knowledge in patient care. In addition, Alfunsi has also had the opportunity to form great friendships while working as an ECP.

Emergency care has a large impact on both the country of Uganda and local communities. By offering education and sensitization of the services provided in the Emergency Department, it informs people about the availability and importance of delivering emergency care. The provision of care to critically ill patients, specifically trauma patients is essential, as the the number of people using emergency services is increasing each day.

Alfunsi’s most memorable case involved a woman in her 60’s who came into the ER following a road traffic accident with multiple injuries. She went into cardiac arrest while she was being sutured and the team acted quickly. She was given fluids and CPR was performed. After the patient recovered, she was discharged a few days later. Alfunsi is proud to be an ECP because he genuinely loves the feeling he gets when he saves a life. When a severely ill baby with hypoglycemia is saved from the brink of death, that’s a proud moment to be an ECP, Alfunsi said.

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