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ECP Spotlight: Cleophus To The Rescue

Personally the program has changed my life. I appreciate everything from GECC, for the support through education.”


Last month, a 30 year old man in a boda boda (i.e. motorcycle) accident was brought to the Nyakibale Emergency Department in rural Uganda. The patient had a femur (thigh bone) fracture and head injury. His vital signs were unstable, with a very low blood pressure from hemorrhaging. The patient was confused and agitated and had a “raccoon eye”, concerning for bleeding in his brain.

Emergency Care Practitioner (ECP) trainee, Cleophus, stabilized the patient by applying a splint to the patient’s femur, elevating his head, giving him IV fluid and a blood transfusion, along with pain medication. Cleophus called the physician on call, and they arranged to transfer the patient to the regional referral hospital 2 hours away for further management of his head injury. The patient’s vital signs were improved to allow him for safe transfer.

Cleophus, a first year trainee in the program reports, “Personally the program has changed my life. One, I’ve been able to acquire hands-on skills like repairing lacerations, stabilizing patients who are unstable, managing emergencies like shock, asthma, foreign body removal, and being able to do a lumbar puncture. Apart from the hands-on skills, I’ve been able to acquire skills from the senior ECPs in patient approach and management. I appreciate everything from the GECC, for the support through education.”

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