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Meet Mariel Colella – GEC Volunteer

“Seeing new skills taught, learned, and put into practice to save a life which before likely could not be saved is extremely rewarding and makes me so proud of the hard work the ECPs put into learning emergency medicine and translating that learning to action in the department.”


​Mariel Colella (NP) has been a volunteer with GEC for 4 years and currently works at Seattle Children’s Hospital. She has taken a total of 3 trips so far to Nyakibale and Masaka in Uganda, and has also traveled to Egypt with two ECPs, Glorious and Hilary, for the African Emergency Medicine Conference. Mariel believes “the role of medical providers in the global health field is to stimulate and support education and sustainable capacity development, which is what GEC does.” She finds it rewarding to watch the new skills taught in emergency medicine put into practice to save lives. Mariel learned about the resourcefulness and improvisation of the ECP’s to provide care.

​The communities have confidence that their local hospitals will deliver quality care in emergency situations. She really puts it into perspective the privilege we have in the US when treating patients and how similar situations in Uganda are managed differently, but effectively. When looking back on the memorable experiences in Uganda, she can’t help but think of the amazing friendships she made and the joy she had going to work everyday there. Mariel is proud of the GEC board and the commitment to ECP’s and staff. The level of respect is something to be admired as the ECP’s have a strong voice in the future of GEC.

Please consider a donating today. Your gift will directly train more ECPs who save lives everyday!

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