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ECP Splinting Workshop

The Junior Emergency Care Practitioners recently participated in a procedure workshop during which they had the opportunity to practice and demonstrate their new knowledge of orthopedic traumas. This hands-on education session focused on the management of fracture reductions and advanced splinting and challenged Junior ECPs Glorious, Deus, and Owen to practice various techniques on the GECC ground team. Three visiting physicians, John Allen Houston, Donna Moro-Sutherland, and Geoff Jara-Almonte, provided great hands on teaching to assist in the development of these crucial skills. We are also extremely grateful to have had the Karoli Lwanga Hospital Orthopedic Officer, Kenneth Okoch, join this procedure workshop in order to assist with instruction of the Junior ECPs.

While part of the GECC ECP Training Program is based on didactic sessions held in the classroom, a multitude of hands on educational sessions and experiences supplement these lectures and provide the majority of the ECPs practical clinical knowledge. These various lectures include simulation labs, procedure workshops, and bedside teaching in the ED. These education sessions allow the ECPs to partake in interactive education while working more freely with the Qualified ECPs and visiting physicians. These important sessions also teach ECPs of all levels to work as a cohesive unit in order to provide efficient and effective emergency care in rural Uganda.

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