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Dr. Stacey Chamberlain, GEC Co-founder

” I am most proud of the Emergency Care Practitioners because they are the first line for severely sick patients and they know they can save lives when empowered to do so.”

Dr. Stacey Chamberlain is one of the co-founders of GEC and she currently works at the University of Illinois at Chicago as an Associate Professor of Clinical Emergency Medicine. She also holds multiple director positions at the UIC College of Medicine, UIC Center for Global Health, and the UIC Department of Emergency Medicine. Stacey is a mother to two young children, Jocelyn and Gabriel, ages 5 and 6.
Stacey took her first trip to Uganda in 2006 and has been with GEC since the organization’s beginning in 2007. She works for GEC because she passionately believes in social justice and health equity. In sub-Saharan Africa, health injustice is widespread and apparent. Stacey finds the work that she is doing with GEC to “have such a tremendous impact on preventing needless death through simple readily available treatments like getting people antibiotics, hydration, and wound care.” She stresses the need to create sustainable change that requires long-term investment. This starts by building meaningful relationships, showing continuous commitment, and persevering in the face of any challenges. When reflecting on how her experience with GEC has affected her experience as a physician in the US, Stacey is cognizant of resource utilization and patient-centered medicine. She teaches trainees to truly think about cost implications, the need for tests ordered, and adapting care to the needs of each patient. She is most proud of the ECP’s and their drive to better advance their skills and knowledge. By seeking out the opportunity to participate in the GEC program, they are now the first line for critically ill patients and ultimately empowered to save lives.

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