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Dr. Sara Nelson, GEC Co-founder

“I am so proud and amazed by all that our ECPs have done and the number of lives that they have saved.  They are each remarkable individuals and they are part of a movement to improve access to emergency care throughout Uganda.”

​Dr. Sara Nelson is one of the co-founders of GEC, as well a current Board member. She currently works in the Emergency Department at Maine Medical Center in Portland, Maine. She is also an Assistant Professor at Tufts University School of Medicine, teaching both medical students and residents.

Sara gives her time and effort because she truly believes in the GEC mission and vision. In today’s world, basic and timely emergency care can treat much of the illness and mortality occurring. Sara is inspired by the dedication of the Emergency Care Physicians (ECP’s) and the number of lives they have saved due to their training and skill. Not only have ECP’s made tremendous impact in their communities, they are a part of a broader movement to improve access to emergency care throughout Uganda. She explains that it takes the effort of all involved within GEC, including the ECP’s, founders, executive committee, program directors, research assistants, and volunteers who are all incredibly passionate to create positive change and do amazing work.

​As a physician, Sara has had the ability to bring several residents with her to Uganda to witness firsthand “the presentations of diseases and to show them how the ECP’s can care for patients with few resources.” Her most memorable experience was back in 2008 when the Emergency Department first opened at Nyakibale Hospital. She remembers the first time Felista, one of the original ECP’s, cared for her first patient. Looking back over the past ten years, Sara is incredibly proud of the ECP’s and the sheer number of patients that have treated and helped.

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