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Spring is in the air

Happy Spring! As you know, GECC is a small nonprofit doing big things. We’ve been hard at work in 2017 growing the ECP Training Program and prerparing to launch the new class of ECP students at Masaka Regional Referral Hospital. Here’s a quick update of some recent GECC successes:

1. New partnership with LifeNet International: Recently, GECC and LifeNet jointly applied for a grant from AllPeopleBeHappy Foundation to increase access to emergency care in the Masaka District in Uganda. GECC’s ECPs will provide emergency care trainings to LifeNet’s nurse managers and nurses, who will in turn provide life saving care at smaller, rural health districts in Masaka. Together, we will work on improving the referral system for sicker patients from health clinics to Masaka Hospital for advanced care.

2. Nyakibale ECP’s graduate to Seniors: Four junior ECPs from Nyakibale, Pearl, Baniga, Bennifer, and Cleophus, graduated to senior ECPs in January. All four have been progressing in their clinical skills and classroom learning. Since their transition to seniors, they continue to build additional skills, like education, into their repertoire.

3. Imaging the World Workshop: We have partnered with Imaging the World to host a three-day ultrasound training workshop at Masaka Hospital. Imaging the World has created a new sustainable model for ultrasound imaging, making basic life-saving diagnosis accessible in the poorest regions. We are very excited about this new partnership and look forward to continued collaboration.

4. In case you missed it, Dr. Omeed Saghafi wrote a testimonial about his time as a GECC volunteer in Nyakibale. He discusses how the concept of rapid, emergency care, which we take for granted in America, is not the standard in Uganda. But GECC is helping make it the standard.

We are very thankful for all of your support, generosity, and encouragement through the years. It makes this work possible!


Tom Neill
Operations Director

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