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GECC Annual Meeting

By: Dr. Mark Bisanzo, GECC Co-Founder, Director of Programs

As the summer of 2015 draws to a close, GECC held its annual strategic planning meeting in Tucson, AZ. This was an exciting meeting, as we welcomed several new faces to GECC, strengthened our ties to the University of Arizona, and launched our first crowd funding campaign through Johnson & Johnson Global Public Health in the span of a few days. We also celebrated the publication of two recent manuscripts in prominent Global Health Journals earlier this year. Several long time GECC contributors assumed new leadership roles and newer members gave critical input and fresh ideas for group to consider. Our research team, ultrasound team, and curriculum team all laid out strong and ambitious plans for the year that will help advance our programs.

Every year, this meeting gives us an opportunity to reflect on what has gone well and what could have gone better.  As with any organization, improvement only comes through hard work and self reflection. During our meeting this year, the team really spent time refining our focus so that we can strengthen our existing partnerships and build new partnerships that will be critical to implementing effective and sustainable programs.  Over the four days, a collective energy built up among our group.  While this happens in one form or another each year, this year the energy seemed to intensify more quickly and sustain itself in way I have not experienced before.

I, like the other members of our team, left rejuvenated and ready face the challenges ahead as we strive to see capacity for emergency care and emergency care education build in Uganda.  On behalf of the whole GECC team, I thank our supporters for all they give to our programs and renew our strong commitment to ensuring our programs meet their goals.

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