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A loss for our community

Global Emergency Care Collaborative has lost a dear friend and colleague this past week. Emergency Care Practitioner, Mugabe Didas, tragically and unexpectedly passed away last Tuesday evening at his home in Ruhinda, Uganda.

Didas was one of four new Junior ECPs who joined the GECC Emergency Care Practitioner Training Program this past January. Prior to working with GECC, Didas graduated as a Registered Nurse from Kabale School of Comprehensive Nursing. This year, Didas returned to his home district of Rukungiri to join the GECC team at Karoli Lwanga Hospital. Didas quickly became a core member of the Emergency Department staff and was a dedicated and promising student.

In early March, Didas fell sick at Nyakibale Hospital and was soon referred to Mulago National Referral Hospital in Kampala to receive further diagnostic testing and management. He was diagnosed with Hepatic Tuberculosis and had begun receiving treatment over the past month. Didas had recently spoken with several members of the GECC team and reported that he was feeling stronger and was eager to return to Nyakibale to resume his studies. Tragically, after returning home last week Didas’s condition quickly worsened and he unexpectedly passed away late Tuesday night.

The funeral ceremonies were held this past Thursday at Didas’s home in Ruhinda. They were well attended by family and friends, the Karoli Lwanga Hospital staff, and the whole of the community. Didas always maintained a warm and jovial disposition around the hospital. His eagerness to learn and dedication to his studies were indicative of a very promising individual and future Emergency Care Practitioner. We will all miss his presence at Karoli Lwanga Hospital greatly and pray that he may rest in peace.

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